Sunday, August 04, 2013


401. Slip-n-Slide
402. Seeing deer on my run at Long Hunter State Park
403. New experiences with my youth
404. The youth and adults willing to try PULSE at a new location
405. Watching youth softball games
406. Meeting Emily & Becky on a 4- mile run
407. A running groups acceptance & care for individuals
408. Sandi's gift to REI - and my hammock!!
409. Getting to stand alongside Bev & Scott on their sweet day
410. Rain clouds that pass just in time for their picnic & ceremony
411. Lunch with Clint at Prince's Hot Chicken
412. The Wonder Women & their flexibility & willingness to serve as needed
413. Moving my furniture from Pensacola to Lebanon.
414. After my wallet was stolen - Susie's clarity about my drivers license 
415. Having everything I needed to replace my license in a couple hours
416. American Express overnighting a new card to me.
417. Susie helping me pay for my moving truck
418. Friends who I can just be with even when I'm hurting
419. Movies with Lisa & Tim
420. Watching Gene back the truck into his backyard
421. All of the youth & friends who came at the last minute to help me load up
422. Testosterones song at Sandie & Joe's wedding.
423. Sharing stories after the wedding
424. Susie's food that I get for my drive back
425.  Driving with the windows down in a 24 foot diesel truck because the air went out...but the air was cool enough that I actually enjoyed it
426. The youth and friends who helped me unload my furniture into storage in Lebanon
427. Free storage from a stranger
428. Breakfast at the pancake pantry with Karla, Helen, Lauren & Paige
429. Following the Pensacola FUMC youth & adults on their choir tour
430. My friend who let me stay at her house for sabbath when my home wasn't
431. Realizing that Lorene may not make it & then hearing that she might get new lungs
432. Staying up late on June 20 to wait for the results of Lorene's double lung transplant 
433. The relief & joy I felt (& still feel) when Steve let us know she came through surgery well
434. Reconnecting with high school friends because of sharing in Lorene's story
435. Celebrating her recovery processs
436.  Running on the greenway from Kohls
437. Teaching youth to put tents up
438. Camping in a state park for the week
439. Eating spaghetti in the rain win my youth after our first day doing home repair
440. Watching my youth take risk and succeed
441. Closing worship - speaking a kindness to the person on our right
442. Watching the fog lift during morning devotion at Devil's Pass, Big South Fork National Park
443. Getting to know our home owners
444. Watching every one of the youth & adults climb the tower
445. Getting to each one of these youth better
446. The loud, loud bird that kept every one up at night
447. The bear frog
448. Taking Annie to the ER and her bloodwork was ok
449. Learning how to back-up a trailer
450. Jake's humor and ability to speak truth

Prayer is sitting in the silence until it silences us, choosing gratitude until we are grateful, and praising God until we ourselves are an act of praise. –Richard Rohr.

This beautiful child is full of life!!  Spring 2013

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