Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I started taking one picture every day almost three years ago.  Three years.  Project 365.  I have taken 1,079 pictures over the past three years.  Including today - I have 16 more pictures to complete three years of daily pictures.

I started this project because a friend of mine who lives in Nashville was posting one picture every day and I was intrigued to see what his pictures would be every day!  Thanks, Zach Prichard!

The first year I would take a picture of whatever I felt like.  Many that year I would be lying in bed and realize that I hadn't taken a picture yet... So I'd jump up and find something in my room that I hadn't photographed so far.

The second year I started out with weekly themes.  I didn't continue that for the entire year but it was an incredible practice to spend an entire week on one theme and look for ways to depict "shadows" or "despair".  I spent way more time paying attention to what was around me each day.

Now I am finishing up year three.  I have been to Ireland, Zimbabwe and Alaska this year.  I moved from Pensacola, FL to Lebanon, TN. I have a beautiful new niece. I left an incredible amount of people that I love to experience community in a new way. I ran my 6th marathon. I cried a lot - tears of joy and tears of pain.

Sometimes I felt like one picture a day wasn't enough!

This practice of taking a picture everyday has become part of my prayer life. I wait till the end of the day to post most of my pics because I get to remember and give thanks for whatever caught my eye.

I don't have a fancy camera. I just use my iphone. What an incredible gift that phone is.

And I'm so thankful that I have been able to recognize that this has become such a practice of intention. Of thanksgiving.  Of prayer. Of noticing. Of seeing.

We all have ways that God is inviting us to slow down.  To "Be Still and know..." - but I know how incredible hard that is to do from day to day.  There are so many things calling to us.  Asking for our attention. Demanding our time.

How do you slow down?  What could be a form of prayer for you that you may not have recognized yet?

I can't wait for year four to start. It's another year to live and experience pain and joy and hope and fear with people in my life. It's another year to invite others to see some things that I recognize as worthy of noticing!

Thank you for those of you who have prayed for me through this process.

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from the past 3 years...
My very first Project 365 picture. August 8, 2010

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