Tuesday, August 06, 2013


451. Finding some Ale 8 one's to share with the youth
452. Confrontation Point ministries
453. CP's willingness to be a ministry that teaches truth & hard situations so that we can grow in our relationships with God, selves & others
454. This youth groups willingness to sing together 
455. Coming home to an empty house for about 4 days
456. Taking the risk to ask for help(again) in finding a new place to live
457. That community includes people I haven't even met
458. Pedicure/manicure with Michelle after the mission trip
459. Being invited out on to the boat by Michele G and getting to go
460. Spending time on a lake
461. Cheap flights to Ohio
462. Watching my sister as an amazing mom to Grace
463. Almost skipping the 4th of July Race with dad
464. Deciding to run it even if it rains
465. Going to 3 different fast food places with dad after the race
466. Watching more episodes of Big Bang Theory
467. Mom falling asleep while we watch tv 
468. Listening to mom get excited about the Tour De France 
469. Playing games with the middle schoolers
470. Choices of objects to represent Gods love in our lives
471. Hard & good conversations with Mo during VBS
472. Watching crazy rainstorms
473. Chris Crowell & Gregg Key eating dinner & taking their time
474. Deciding to leave for Memphis at 8:30 pm
475. Laughing with Stacy & Candis
476. Yummy shaved ice from Jerry's in Memphis
477. The beautiful weather during our 20 mile bike ride
478. Trying local beers
479. Listening to Cora ask questions & tell stories
480. PULSE moved to Painturo's for rest of summer
481. Reconnecting with Courtney
482. Asking a few youth to volunteer for Project Transformation & they said yes
483. Watching the youth interact with the children at Project Transformation
484. Inside jokes and lunch with the youth at Which Wich
485. The fact my mom, Julia & Grace drove with me to Pittsburgh for the day
486. Gracie's first road trip
487. Getting to see and communicate with Lorene
488. Seeing Mandi & Will in the hospital too
489. Meeting up with Rachel Warren at Chipotle - & see Chuck & Charles
490. Lazy Saturdays with Ingrid
491. Watching the youth jump in & play with our church family at the pool party
492. Tuesday night runs with the Mt Juliet Flyers
493. Completely falling apart on my 8 mile run - 
494. Going to Summer Sizzler with my youth
495. Watching some of the youth laugh & play on the seesaw
496. Worship at Vesper Point with Paul leading
497. Moving to a new house!!!!!!!!
498. House sitting at Michelle's
499. Time by the pool with Sophia & Ingrid
500. Breathing - really breathing again
“To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven.” - Johannes A Gaertner

     Summer Sizzler 2013

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