Monday, May 27, 2013


251. Cooking with mom
252. Running with my dad in the Homerun for the Homeless - in a snow storm
253. Sitting on the back porch watching the sun slowly go down
254. My parents always have crab and lobster for me when I go home
255. Taking a bath at Grandma Carolyn's with her Calgon
256. Sleeping in my day's bed at grandma Helen's
257. Snow with honey
258. Cinnamon Certs at grandma Helen's
259. Latch hook at grandma Carolyn's
260. Grandpa Dean measuring how tall I was on his back porch
261. German Christkindl markt
262. Brat wurst
263. The smell of my mom's laundry - mine never smells as good
264. Real candles on real Christmas trees
265. Mumford and Sons last year with Susie, gene, Ingrid, Brenda, Abe & Cameron
266.  Getting home from wilderness trail after the big bus broke down
267. Moving every other year or so of my childhood
268. Honeysuckle
269. Pomegranate seeds and mud pies
270. Learning how to roller skate in plastic skates
271. My tree house in New Mexico
272. Having a sister
273. Building forts at the Wombles
274. Listening to Barbra Streisand with mom
275. Learning to crochet in 3rd grade
276. Laura Ingalls Wilder books
277. My aunt Daun's creative gifts 
278. Walking to school in the snow
279. My favorite pair of jeans
280. My too many pairs of chaco's
281. Osprey backpacks and their customer service
282. A good massage from a boyfriend
283. Cooking dinner with friends
284. Dad's pancake faces or words on Saturday mornings
285. That dad always forgets how Julia and I like our waffles and there is still a note over his stove to remind him
286. Running to explore north of Lebanon.
287. Driving up and down roads to find Don Fox Park  and other places that people talk about all the time.
288. Lectio Devina
289. Honest conversation with Pulse
290. Long days at work 
291. Middle school plays that are short and funny
292. A new friend willing to be spontaneous
293. Good coffee
294. Yummy grilled cheese
295. Lunch outside in sweet Roswell
296. A great deal for a hotel
297. Outdoor concerts
298. Running into Chris and Josh
299. Youth ministry interns who are now dear friends and peers
300. The gift of a free shirt

"We pray for the big things and forget to give thanks for the ordinary, small (and yet really not small) gifts.” ~ Dietrich Bonhoffer

Neuburg an der Donau, October 2011

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