Friday, May 31, 2013

Savorings... 301-350

301. Meeting up with the Schmidts at the concert
302. Sleeping in
303. Travel with no agenda 
304. Time to tell stories and eat good food
305. New bathroom stuff from IKEA
306. That the bathroom stuff makes my space feel a little more like home
307. Trip Advisor app and finding amazing restaurants
308. Yummy, yummy, yummy pizza
309. Free birthday Rita's Ice in Atlanta 
310. Finding a new friend &prayer partner in a youth ministry parent
311. New confirmands and that I  got to give them their Bibles
312. Invited into people's lives, stories and secrets
313. Lunch with Mandy and Aiden
314. Graduation dinner traditions
315. Painting as an activity for the graduates
316. Watching them choose a word to represent their story with the cross painting
317. Having an extra one - so I could paint as well
318. That my painting isn't a failure
319. Choosing "risk" as my word
320. Monday morning boot camp with a new leader
321. Leaving work early to meet a friend for dinner in Nashville
322. Catching up with Laura Paulk
323. Strawberries on sushi
324. Weather that continues to be gorgeous
325. Sitting outside for dinner
326. Having time to sit with Ingrid on her porch for a couple hours that night
327. The staff singing happy birthday to me
328. Pizza birthday lunch
329. Watching hail come down and being dry and safe inside
330. Dinner with the Wildes
331. Telling hiking stories 
332. Meeting with the youth council
333. 7 mile run from my apartment to Don Fox Park
334. Parents who sacrifice over and over again for this youth ministry
335. Being able to say thank you
336. Writing notes to the 7th graders
337. Finding my rhythm with plans for summer activities
338. Dinner with the Cowells
339. The gift of free range eggs 
340. Plans for a parents meeting
341. Intentionality
342. The ache after leg day
343. A drive down back roads at sunset
344. The smell of honeysuckle
345. Loneliness... But in a good way
346. Working with 100 other people to make a difference in Wilson county
347. Praying with strangers
348. Gods word creating clarity
349. Teaching moments with teenagers
350. An email of encouragement from Marko

"We see God face to face every hour, and know the savor of Nature." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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