Sunday, October 04, 2009


Okay - we have met some very, very friendly and very, very CRAZY people!
The flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was long but it really wasn't too bad - we each had our own screen and many movies and tv shows to watch. Didn't sleep much but I made it.

Customs didn't take long -but I will say that they are MUCH stricter here about what you can and cannot bring into their country. And we changed money over and then started the train ride to Jason and Amy's house... The public transportation is incredible here - you can get everywhere! We got on one wrong train but were able to change before it caused us any trouble.

Okay, the crazy is the last day of Sydney's Rugby play-offs and there are many people dressed in yellow and least those are the only two colors that we have seen so far. Loud horns and lots of yellowing out of car windows. Candis and I asked two of the guys to take a picture with us - so you should see that soon.

We were also offered a room by a guy on the train - 28 years old, still in school and very unique...he couldn't sit still, kept dancing around a pole and didn't breathe while dispelling his new found ideology. He also told us that our trip was already complete because we had met him. So I said, "Than we are lucky, huh?" He said, very seriously, "You are."

Oh! I don't even have the time to describe all the birds and their's like a wildlife preserve just in the neighborhood!

We are off to church with Amy and Jason...they are the pastors of a church plant here in Sydney - through Every Nation.

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