Sunday, October 04, 2009

Let's say that...

Let's say that...
I am currently sitting on delta flight...heading west-out over the
Pacific Ocean. Candis and I connected in Memphis and even though the
flight I am on now is longer, flying to LA took forever! Then we got
some iced coffees-hers for real, mine starbucks in a can. We both
heard that we should try to stay awake as long as possible on the
flight to Sydney. So we got caffeine to help.

I think I have been on this plane for 12 hours at this point. There
are many different kinds of people(though I would say the variety was
more obvious when the Nigerian team flew to Nigeria) on the plane and
a great variety of accents. I have really enjoyed watching everyone.
Ph and right this second, the sun rise is beginning to show itself.
There are no words to describe the combinations of colors and just how
vast it all is.

Couple of interesting conversations worth remembering:
I met a guy on the first flight named Mark, he is an anesthesialogist
at Sacred Heart and he doesn't believe in organized religion. Hehe.
We had a great discussion about who Jesus was/is and how I would
believe something so primitive, nevermind that it would be my job. He
was pretty open to hear what I shared and told me a lot of his
stories. I tell you it's these stories ya make life worth living.
Now Candis & I are sitting with a young guy from canada and he is
taking a month to backpack in Australia as well. But he doesn't
really know why yet... Not in school and figured it would be fun.

FYI- the sunrise is still revealing - mmm.

As Crowder says - "I'm so bored of little gods, while standing on the
edge of something so large. While standing here so close you You. We
could be consumed. What a glorious day!". I am so tired of seeing
this world through my perspective... I am ready to learn and receive
Gods grace for when I don't really see Him in others and in his
creations. I am ready for this month with my Father.

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