Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Good onya!

Good onya!

We wore ourselves out yesterday - Candis & I attempted to see as much of Sydney in one day as possible. I will have more time during the 2nd two weeks to play in this area but wanted to capture as much as we could while we are together.

Just so you know the weather right now is amazingly chilly as well as overcast & rainy. So travelling on trains & by foot for the day was interesting.

Jason recommended that we get an ALL day/ALL travel pass... That way we could rode trains, buses & ferry's. So we did. And as soon as we were in Sydney downtown we went straight to Circular Quay(pronounced key), and caught the ferry to Manly beach. The ferry ride was amazing. It takes right by the Opera House, the bridge and you get to see the landscape change. We sat in front of 2 gentlemen from Germany-I was eavesdropping-who took our picture for us. Love speaking in German!

Manly beach is gorgeous and so family & outdoor activity oriented.
Craggy rocks and surfers and palm trees and overlooks...

After walking around Manly beach, we managed to catch the ferry just as rain started to fall. So we sat outside but under a overhang...

Then lunch. Kangaroo pizza was what we wanted. Seriously. The Australian Hotel was recommended to us for unique pizzas...and it was sooo good!

I was pretty tired at this point but we caught a train to Darling Harbour... We walked through China Town-where I got a Taro bubble tea...yum! Then to Paddys markets- a flea market of sorts. Candis found a lot of souvenirs while I looked at didgeridoos as well as try to figure out who would want me to bring them a Kangaroo scrotum keychain. Yep.

We wandered through Darling Harbour...just amazed at the variety of people & families. And then- it poured. We ran, skirted buildings, found ourselves in a very expensive car park and then made it to the town hall train station. Dinner was Vietnamese one station down and
then home. Aaahhh...

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