Thursday, October 01, 2009

Australia - itinerary

It's Thursday and tomorrow is Friday. Friday just happens to be the day that I will board a plane which will take me to Memphis, where I will join Candis as we travel to Los Angeles and than all the way to Sydney, Australia. By the way, I will lose October 3rd completely because we will arrive in Sydney on Sunday, October 4th in the a.m. Candis will be with me until the 17th and then I will continue my travel on my own...

Just in case you are wondering where I will be for the next 30 days - here is what our itinerary is for right now:
Sunday, October 4th - Sydney
October 5th - Sydney
October 6th - Coffs Harbour
October 7th - Murwillumbah
October 8th - Brisbane
October 9th - Brisbane
October 10th - Brisbane
Sunday, October 11th - Surfers Paradise
October 12th - Tweed
October 13th - Byron Bay
October 14th - Newcastle
October 15th - Blue Mountains
October 16th - Sydney
October 17th - Candis heads to the US and I start the 2nd part of my adventure.

New Zealand!

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