Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day of rest and quiet...

Saturday, October 17th

I did very little today. Read some, went on a walk by myself, booked
a rental car and a hostel, went on a walk to a park with Ava & Nate
(Jason & Amy's oldest two kids).

Amy & Jason had friends over for dinner...a couple with their sons &
nephews from church. I really enjoyed getting to know them and to be
able to join in the conversation.

Finished packing- I am taking my backpack filled with my tent, hiking
poles, sleeping pad, sleeping bag and my small amount of toiletries.
I also have a small suitcase with a more warm clothes than I
originally planned to take(thanks Amy!) and a bag of food and snacks
that I hope I can keep once I get to New Zealand.

On my walk this morning I spent a lot of time thinking & praying about
what it means to be human and to constantly long for more. We aren't
easily satisfied or content...and I so long to be content. It is a
humbling place to be- travelling for an entire month or hiking for 6
months...or all the other things I have seen and experienced and still
feel like I want more.

I pray for you.
I am praying for me too.

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