Sunday, October 18, 2009

Back to Sydney...

Friday, October 16th

We had a couple from Singapore in the dorm last night- Harry & Hera.
They were so sweet & very interesting. Candis and Hera really hit it
off- Candis called her a kindred spirit...they both prefer staying in
accomodations a little nicer than the hostels. But they are willing
to try! Harry & Hera are exploring the east coast of Australia for 2

We left the hostel and it was COLD! Breakfast at a quaint cafe - I
had yummy crepes. After walking briskly down the main street we
started back to Sydney. I had an idea- that if we could stop by every
McDonalds on the way - than we could get little packets of peanut
butter and honey for my hiking next week. So we stopped at a few of
them...there are honestly too many McD's to stop at. Candis & AJ got
quite a few jams but we weren't able to get any p-nut butters. Oh
well, I will buy a jar to carry.

Back in Sydney, we headed to Darling Harbour to shop at Paddy's Market
again & drop AJ off at his hotel. He will explore Sydney for a couple
days then head back to Cairns before going home to Guam. We also
checked out the Maritime Museum- I only checked out the bottom floor
because I have to read everything. Again, I try so hard to retain
what I see and learn but it typically doesn't last so long.

After we dropped AJ off, Candis & I headed back to Amy & Jasons...
Repacked all our stuff and had dinner with the family. Candis heads
back to the States in the morning and I will fly to Auckland on the
North Island of New Zealand on Sunday morning. I sad that Candis has
to leave - we have seen a lot and met a lot of fun and interesting
people these past two weeks! Thanks for sharing this experience with

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