Monday, October 26, 2009

Cheeky Kia...

Sunday, October 25th

I did get my tent a bit tighter- so I had no problems with the light
rainfall that started early this morning. But it's pretty cold and
wet outside...

I am dressed to hike but since the rain is falling steadily I passed
the Divide where I was planning on hiking on the Routeburn Track- and
came on down to Milford Sound.

Wow. It's a little spooky to drive through these humongous mountains
and gorges with fog and rain. I am the only one on the road this
early- which I am thankful to be able to take my time to take it all in.

Raw. Vast. Stark.

Mountain walls still covered with snow. Trees are clinging to the
mountains. The valleys of green with wisps of fog moving across.
Rivers so high the water is moving over the rocks quickly...

And then a tunnel. Into a massive stone wall. Um. I can't see the
other end...and it starting to move deeper into the mountain. I
definitely don't like going down in a dark tunnel without seeing the
other side.

At Milford Sound- I spent some time talking to two gentlemen from
Norway. They are going to take the cruise through the Sound in an
hour. I had a coffee and than walked all over the walking trails and
out onto one if the shores... The rain let up enough for a little over
an hour.

But now the rain and the thick fog is back. So I am going to head
back toward Te Anau.

10:00 pm -

So I managed to get it all in. The started and stopped the rest of
the day...I stopped by a few view poinyts on the road back to Te Anau.

My absolutely favorite thing to see was the Chasm. It's where a river
has worn down these huge rocks in a way so the rocks look like Swiss
cheese. It makes a roaring sound as the water passes through the
rocks- I took pictures but I don't think it shows it well.

Then I started my hike on the Routeburn Track. It was sunny(sort of)
when I started but it was pretty rainy, foggy and windy when I got to
the summit of Mt Key. It was a fun hike though- and on my way down, I
actually passed the hiking group that I considered joining for 4 days.

Then I drove to the hostel and showered...and got take out Chinese- mmm.

Ive met a girl from Denmark, Heidi. She is a trip! I went on a walk
after dinner with Ying, a girl I met at the last hostel. She was fun
to talk about all the places we've been and where we want to go.

I start my slow trip home tomorrow. Will drive towards Christchurch
to return the car and catch my flight to Auckland on Tuesday.


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