Sunday, October 25, 2009

Be still and know...

Saturday evening, October 24th

I found a place to camp. I am at the closest campsite off of the
Milford Hwy to the Divide - which is where I am hiking tomorrow. I am
sitting on the edge of Lake Gunn(picture to come), watching the sun go
down over the mountains. Hmmmm...if I do get married than i think it
should be right here instead of Blue Lake. He.

It's funny to be out here on my own. There are about 6 campervans of
couples/friend and families and they are all doing there own thing-
and then there's me. In a tent. In the woods.

So I have to confess. 2 things.
1. I am addicted to anything with sugar- have been since I was
young. My confession is actually that today I found an entire cake of
Pavlova(the gooey, crunchy and soft meringue that I can't get enough
of) - and that's pretty much all I've had for dinner. It's soooo
good! I didn't eat it all by the way- I can get two more meals out of
it. Haha.

2. And, so my tent isnt as tight as it normally is. I might have
brought the wrong tent poles...but they do fit. Sort of. And I think
it will rain tonight! I have got to backpack more often withy my gear
so I grab the right things! That's what I get for seamsealing more
than one tent before a trip. I will play with it and see if I can
tighten it up.

Anyways, today has been an alone day. My own thoughts, feelings,

It has been good to be still and feel Gods love. I love it when I
drive out of a section of trees and look up and the sun is peaking
over the tops of snow covered mountains. Or there was a large lamb
resting beside a light pole... Just watching the traffic go by- or so
it seemed. Those moments make me smile.

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