Monday, October 26, 2009


Monday, October 26th

I woke up to the sound of pouring rain this morning. Packed up my
stuff and hit the road in the rain...

Really it was pretty boring.

I stopped in Dunedin for lunch- today is New Zealand's Labour Day,
which means that most restaurants and stores are closed today. But
luckily Dunedin has the University of Otara so they had lots of stores
and some restaurants open. I had the best sushi and udon soup...then
I walked around to see what was in their "mall". Surprised to see an
Athlete's Foot- ha.

I am staying at the "red kettle" THA in Oamaru on the East coast.
This town has two diferent Penguin colonies that live on their
beaches. And you see stuff about penguins everywhere on the streets.
I went to the beach at 4:30 pm to watch the Yellowed-eyed penguins
come onto the beach. There are about 40 penguins who live here.
These are only found in New Zealand. So I stood outside in the rain
and wind and was so cold. I got to see one was so cute!
I was pretty cold at this point so decided to come back to the
hostel. I also stopped by a cheese cafe... So I have local cheese, a
baguette and soup for dinner.

Have a short drive to Christchurch in the morning, then my afternoon
flight to the North Island.

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