Friday, September 26, 2008

Sitting with my dad...

Dad and I are both in the kitchen. I just ate some popcorn and he is working on his carbo- loading(bread with butter at the moment). He is playing his lute - which he ordered this past spring and is already very good. Very good as in - can play many of his Bach guitar pieces but on the lute. I wish I could paint the entire picture - not really for anyone else but so I can remember this moment...It is the coolest thing to watch.

My morning started on the back deck with a cup of coffee and the Ohio paper - and then dad and I watched a cricket enjoying the sun on the deck, that is till dad poked it with a leaf and it hopped off. Hopped off the deck about 15 feet to their ravine in the back yard. We discussed McCain/Obama, John Eldredge, music, Nigeria and so much more.

Now we are going to meet my sister at her office at Akron Univ. and then get our numbers for the Akron Marathon/Marathon Relay.

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