Friday, October 24, 2008

Anti-Malarial Pills

So I took my first of 16 Malarone - it's a round pink tablet and it's not too big. Have to take it with food and per the side effects warnings - if I throw it up in an hour then I should just take another one. Sweet.
I actually took it at 1:00 p.m. after I ate lunch because if I am going to throw up then I want it to be worth the effort. Okay, not really, I took it then because I have to take these at the same time every day and 1:00 p.m. here is 7:00 p.m. in Nigeria.

And no horrible side effects.

So far.

Anyways, I leave tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. to begin my one week journey to Nigeria. I will fly to Atlanta - hang out there for about 3 1/2 hours and then fly to Lagos, Nigeria. I have been instructed to get off the plane and stay to the right when I go through customs. After I am allowed into the country I will walk out of the Lagos International Airport to be found, greeted and escorted by a young man, whose name I will not tell you yet. He will get a taxi for me. Before I get in the taxi with him though - he will have to call Victory(Mary Ann's good friend) so that we can confirm that he is actually the Max that I am supposed to go with. We will get into the taxi and head to the Lagos Domestic Airport and then I will leave this wonderful young man and get on a Nigerian Virgin flight to Owerri.

Owerri. I imagine it to be hot. Hot and busy. I will be staying with Mary Ann at the Ministry that she is working at...third floor apartment - here I come! No running water! I am not a big fan of being hot, dirty, sweaty all the time but I can deal with it if I have to.

I will access to Mary Ann's internet so I will be able to update this blog while I am there...I hope to put some pics on her.

I really don't know what this week will hold. I know that I will go to the orphanage. I will go to the village where we will help dig a well in April. I will meet lots of people. I will hang out with Mary Ann. I will have a hard time understanding others and being understood. I will laugh a lot. And I will be changed.

Thanks for your prayers and love!

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