Sunday, December 09, 2007

'99 Honda Civic for Sale - yikes!

I am going to sell my Honda Civic. It was the first car that I bought myself.

My parents bought me a brand new 1993 Plymouth Duster one month before my 17th birthday. It was one of the biggest surprises in my life - my family are not normally big gift givers so this one caught me completely off guard. That car was a standard, had 2 doors and a CD player. It died in the fall 0f 2001.
So I had it towed away and was given a HUGE van by a friend to drive until I bought a car.
Then I purchased my Honda in November 2001, used from Vince Whibbs and it has served me well for the past 6 years. I am hoping to get about $4500 - $5000 for it - it has about 116,000 miles and a couple of dents because of life and I will miss it.
The reason why I am writing this - is because I am actually scared of the selling process. I have NO idea how to do it or where to start! I replaced all the tires last month and have done some other work on it - and will have a tune up on the engine. I also hit a parked car with it 12 days ago and now it has a new hood, bumper and looks brand new from the front!
Sigh. I am going to miss this car.
I will have a car - I am buying my grandfather's 1997 Honda Accord with 56,000's an honor to get his car. Sigh.
And...letting go...


bethany said...

hey em- if there is a carmax anywhere around you, you could try them. we just sold our car and were similarly frightened of the selling process. we took it to carmax. they bought it for more than we were planning to ask for. it was all really easy and took only a couple hours

bethany said...

i have totally started my trip countdown- 12 days! but i have to go to orlando too. i'll be in p'cola from dec.29 to jan.4- will you be around?

bethany said...

yes yes yes- we should get together. maybe i could come over and make/bring you lunch one dayju

B Bop said...

I still think about my last car...and wonder how the 'ole Subie's doing ;-)

You should have no problem selling that car. People love old civics....probably because they run forever.

Are your running an ad in the paper for it??? Drop me an e-mail if you want to discuss the whole process.

Julia said...

I love you and something will work out...KISSES AND HUGS!

Zenia said...

This is great info to know.