Saturday, February 17, 2007

3rd half marathon in 3 months...tomorrow morning.

I just got back from a Leadnow conference in Orlando, FL. I basically went because Donald Miller was speaking. I can't believe how busy I have become over the past month - I expect this business in youth ministry for the summer but January/February? And I don't really see an end in sight till April...I went to Orlando with 3 other people - all of which I know pretty well - so I didn't feel like I had to be "on" all the time. It was good time to just listen to them and to process and just be quiet.

Don Miller shared basically what his new years resolution was - which is to have his life tell a better story:

That my story has a protagonist(me) and I have dreams and must face my fears to accomplish my dreams...

Everyday we have a choice to truly live or to allow our fears to stop us from living- from contributing to the story that God is writing in our lives.

One of my dreams right now is to walk alongside teenagers as they figure out where they fit in the body of Christ. Which I am actually doing. But it could be better. I have allowed the fact that I get so busy to get in the way of really loving them well. But busy means that I am doing things, right? Right... I also decide that if I don't like one of them, then God must not either. Right...again. So here's to seeing them through His eyes and allowing them the grace to be loved right where they are.

3 half marathons so far. Why? Cause I only live once. Going for 7 more for 2007. This is something that I can share with my dad and sister - even if we aren't running together we are out there struggling and growing through our running over time - it makes my heart hurt in a good way.

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