Sunday, April 02, 2006

Recharge...from myspace

Give me raisins or even some floss. I am trying to fix my blog from last week - but I am not sure that this will work. I tried to write it two times last week and then posted with all the weird dots in between. Maybe, I just need to give up on it...but not yet cause I wrote about life and emotions and blessings and let's see...

I am emotional tonight - I have had many experiences this past week - and most of them have been amazing.

Depressed? Over peopled or experiences? Need some alone time? 30 hours with high school girls at Chrysalis and got to worship with song, me - singing - yep, it was good. The praising God part that is. Time with my 6th graders yesterday, they will be in the youth group officially in a month! Before that ran a 5k at my church - our annual run for Missions. Time with the family for a whole week...prayer together on the beach.

Savior. Example. He never forced himself on anyone. Just was available for anyone. And He went to a garden to pray. Maybe I need to find my garden.

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