Sunday, March 26, 2006

coleslaw...from myspace

I only like the kind of coleslaw that has NO mayonaise in it. It has a vinegar base and the one that I make - has ramen noodles and toasted almonds and sesame seeds...YUM!

I say all of that just cause...I had a friend ask me for that recipe this weekend and I keep forgetting to email it to her - but I wrote "coleslaw" on my hand with a permanent marker. You would think I could remember. But I haven't yet.

When you talk to people about certain things they believe or don't believe it is amazing to me that so much of our beliefs come from other's peoples influence. So instead of saying - I believe or even I think I believe "this" - they say, "well, so and so says this and so maybe that is the way things should be". But if you go to so and so - they were probably influenced by someone as well. So if we can peel away all the people-is there ever someone with an original thought? And does that really matter?

I don't know if an original thought really matters, but it does matter that we at least think our beliefs, opinions, fears, truths, faith, hopes, and especially our hates through.

And I just started to fall asleep - which is pretty funny - so I am going to bed...but before I leave myspace for another week. Just want to share that my family is here for the week - mom, dad, and Julia(my sis) drove down from Ohio. And wow, what a blessing it is to be with people that just love me. I don't have to prove a darn thing to any of them. And it was pretty cool, Julia came to youth group with me tonight and sat in my hs girls community group. Moments that I relish. Mmmmm...but I like coleslaw better.

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