Sunday, March 12, 2006

Life changes experiences...from myspace.

Okay, I guess I am cheating a bit. But it is Sunday so I decided to get on this week and blog BECAUSE...I like to process some of my life experiences on here.

I got to do the children's sermon at my church this morning - and it's always amazing to me that almost everytime I teach that I learn. The scripture was Mark 8:34-38 - which talks about if we deny Christ - he will deny us before God. So first of all - HA. Who wants to do a childrens sermon on that?

I used the song "This little light of mine" and talked about how we all have a choice to shine our light or hide it(under a bushel- hello, what is a's an amount - the words we use- crazy). Which the irony for me is - that last night I went to dinner to two friends that I hadn't seen in 3 years(we all started the Appalachian Trail) about the same time. We talked for about 4 hours and when our dinner came - they both looked at me with this expectation about praying for dinner - noone said anything, mind you, but they I just started eating. No prayer.

I woke up this morning - and just laid there realizing that I missed a great opportunity. Not necessarily to change or impact their lives - but to pray with them. I LOVE TO pray. I don't know what was wrong with that's what I talked about this morning. Missing opportunities. And that I am so glad that ultimately - it's about letting Jesus shine through us - and that He will - even when we forget to.

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