Saturday, May 14, 2005

hiking again...

I am leaving Pensacola again! I am feeling better - my ears are still bothering me but I can talk and I have energy again. I went to New Orleans 2 days ago to see my best friend - she and her husband were there for 2 days so I had to go and see them!!! I am so glad that I got to see her!
Tomorrow - on my way to Rapid City!!! I am going to hike 120 miles in 10 days and get to see Bison and Prairie Dogs for the first time EVER!!!
And Julia(my sister) and I are going to celebrate Mothers day with Mom tomorrow night...
I love to travel...but I am sorry that I am leaving my youth right now. Especially the seniors...they will all graduate while I am gone! But you know what is amazing is that I get to come back to a job that I love!

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