Monday, April 07, 2014

Savor. 651-700

651. Nickel Creek's "Doubting Thomas" & remembering all the stories & youth connected to it
652. Finding a 7-11 in Kanab, UT - which means a yummy Slushie.
653. Buying way too many bags of Trolli egg gummies.
654. Realizing that our hotel in Kanab is right next to the Escalante Staircase Visitor Center
655. Driving down a road just far enough to see if we could catch the sunset
656. Seeing at least 20 deer cross the road and chase their friends
657. Belgium waffles at hotel breakfasts.
658. Walking next door to the visitor center to register for the Wave
659. The fact that they only let 20 people hike the wave every day - to keep that land protected
660. Being the number four in the lottery for The Wave
661. Speaking German with a French/German couple
662. Not winning a permit for the Wave on Saturday
663. Driving three hours north east to the Hole in the Rock dirt road. 
664. Only getting to mile 16 out of the 26 miles on the dirt road.
665. Exploring the 25 mile Wash.
666. Stepping into mud or quicksand and being able to laugh about it and get my boots out
667. Climbing a cottonwood tree
668. Getting off the Hole in the Rock road before it rained on us. Didnt' want to get stuck in the mud.
669. The beautiful scenery that changes before your eyes
670. A second morning eating Belgium waffles - I really like them! So yummy!
671. Watching a couple from Japan celebrate because they got a permit for the Wave 
672. Driving over to Arizona for the day.
673. Finding a Sonic & drinking a Route 44 Cherry Limeaid
674. Sitting at the edge of Horseshoe Bend, AZ
675. New adventures
676. Experiencing Red Mountain Resort with Michelle
677. Yummy and healthy food
678. Access to a variety of hot tea all day long
679. Early morning hikes in the Red Rocks
680.  Trying new workouts back to back
681. Riding bikes to have coffee in a neighboring village
682. Laughing. A lot.
683. Trying to open wine without a wine opener
684. Sabbath by lying in a hammock for the afternoon
685. Walking the labyrinth by myself surrounded by red mountains
686. Meeting Deedre and Kim on one of the morning hikes
687. Running into Abby while getting my haircut with Merrill! I love small reunions!
688. Experiencing The Summit Youth Ministry conference for the second time.
689. Catching up,with Anne at dinner in Atlanta
690. Lunch with my YMCP guys
691. Meeting & listening to the guy behind the Kid President share how God is using them
692. Listening to speakers and feeling so thankful that I do what do & how we do it
693. Sonny's barbecue
694. A slice of pizza from the best pizza place ever in Atlanta
695. Love when friends come into town
696. Wine tasting with Candis at Arrington Vineyards
697. Talking about guys with Candis and her friends
698. Yard Sales. Don't like them but thankful for the people who give and the people who buy so my youth can raise money
699. Laughter with my youth after an entire today together at the yard sale
700. Face timing with my dad and Grace

"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them, is the true measure of our thanksgiving." - W.T. Purkiser

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