Monday, March 24, 2014

Savor. 601-650

601. Running my last 8 mile taper run through Black Mountain.
602. Naps on the deck at the Knob.
603. Second chances
604. Hard questions
605. The warmth of arms wrapped around me.
606. Friends who teach with me.
607. The same two friends who meet me at Los Compadres for chips and drinks.
608. Sharing in life stories.
609. Julia, mom and Grace picked me up from the airport the weekend of the Akron Marathon!
610. Grace's smile.
611. Raising over my goal for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of my sis.
612. All of the messages that we received in support of the marathon and my sister.
613. The grace that my parents offer so that I can struggle less.
614. Rolling a ball with Grace.
615. Excitement of walking through the Akron Marathon Expo with Julia and dad.
616. Getting to know Julia's community better.
617. Digging through old pictures to find some of dad for his surprise retirement party.
618. Hugging dad and Paul before the marathon.
619. The feeling of freedom & strength while running down the hill before I got on the towpath around mile 12 during the marathon.
620. Knowing I would finish the marathon.
621. Passing Brandon the last two miles and giving him my arm band.
622. How I always sob as I cross the finish line.
623. Running up heartbreak hill. Or walking it. I hate that thing but I get to the top!
624. Finishing strong - and thankful that I got my nutrition & water intake right this year!
625. Dinner with one of my girls, Jamie at Los Compadres. Love getting to know her better!
626. Catching up with my amazing, strong warrior of a friend - Mary Ann.
627. House sitting at the Kuna's for over a week. Such a great place to be still. 
628. My cell phone does not work at the Kuna's.
629. The Brantley's opening up their home for our Fall Break movie night!
630. Getting to know youth families even better.
631. Going to Wilderness Trail for a Fall Hike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
632. Sharing a ministry that I love so much with my new church family.
633. Being invited to the oldest UMW Circle at Lebanon FUMC to share my story.
634. Vacation in Utah! 
635. The wisp of cloud resting on the tallest mountain.
636. Rising up and away from beauty
637. Having a friend who can get away for a week 
638. Michelle being willing to be flexible for three days to see if we could get a permit to hike the Wave.
639. Feeling so small and insignificant next to mountains
640. Crumbling the edge of sandstone with my boots
641. Yellow trees that pop up unexpectedly
642. Driving a long road that has a new view around each corner
643. Chopsticks trying to grab the last of a shared Pho
644. Remembering how yummy Del Taco guacamole salad was
645. Stopping the car for fire roasted pizza on the side of the road. Even though we already ate lunch. 
644. Giggling as we walked back to the pizza with frozen yogurt in our hands
645. Melty mozzarella on a margarita pizza
646. Finally getting my Zion National Park stamp - it was closed last time
647. Finding my stamp that Mary Ann signed for me - verifying that I had been in Oct 2010. 
648. Sharing that moment with her over text
649. The cameras in cell phones now
650. Listening to songs that I hadn't heard in awhile

"I'm so glad that I live in a world where there are Octobers." - L.M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

Mom & Dad's the night before the Akron Marathon. September 2013

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