Friday, June 14, 2013

Completely dependent

I started off my day with a cup of coffee and silence - curled up with my laptop working on some things for the mission trip next week.  I remember telling Susie - "It's so quiet!"

I'm in Pensacola at the Schmidt's (Susie and Gene's) to rent a truck and finally get all of my furniture and boxes and move the stuff to Lebanon. 

I got a call on Tuesday from one of the Pensacola FUMC dad's. He has graciously let store all of my house stuff in one of his POD's for at least 2 1/2 years for FREE!!  Well, he called on Tuesday to let me know that POD was cutting down on their "donation" department.  So I needed to get my stuff out of the POD as soon as possible!  

I wasn't quite sure what to do.  But I decided that it was time to move my stuff up to TN.  On Wednesday night I rented a one-way car and drove down here yesterday. 

Then last night my wallet was stolen out of the rental car. I thought I had locked the car but there wasn't any damage on the car so I guess I left it unlocked.

I realized it was gone around 8:15 a.m. this morning.  I didn't get too worried at first - just figured it was inside somewhere.  But after dumping my two bags out 3 different times and crawling through the car...I checked my online banking accounts and was able to find two charges on one credit card today at a nearby gas station. I hadn't left the house - so that wasn't from me.

The next 45 minutes were a whirlwind

-My rental car was due back at the airport by 9:00 a.m.
-I realized that if I DID take the rental car back - how would I rent another car or truck if I didn't have a drivers license?
-Susie came out ready to take me to the airport to turn the car in
-I called the police and they sent a guy out immediately
-I called my church in Lebanon and completely fell apart on the phone with them
-Lisa and Pam tried to figure out ways to help me rent a truck over the phone
-the police man dusted for prints and took all my info
-I cancelled all of my credit cards and found out I could have my american express overnighted for free
-I took the rental car back 30 minutes late but my lateness was excused.
-Susie figured out how I could get a replacement drivers license today
-But the half empty tank of gas was not.  I forgot and wouldn't have been able to get gas anyways without a credit card.  So that half tank cost - $79
-Susie took me to the dmv and gave me money to pay for the drivers license
-I was able to get a drivers license with very little trouble because I had gotten a new last year and had a "gold star".  Which means they have copies of all the things that prove that I am me. 
-Susie also has helped me rent a moving truck so I can still move all of my stuff tomorrow morning

It's now early afternoon.  I am overwhelmed and wondering. I feel like the past month has been a total lesson for me to realize just how much I am dependent on others.  And I have to ask for help. And I have to let them help me. Again. I thought I had learned this. 

I have texted a bunch of different people to ask if they can help me move tomorrow.  I am always amazed at how many people are willing. Even if they aren't able.

I think I am also amazed at the people who are not willing. 

I hope I get to a place in my life where I don't apologize when I ask someone to help me with bigger things.  I think have gotten there with the smaller things. 

Here are the things that I haven't figured out yet - 
I still need a place of my own to live in Lebanon or Mt. Juliet that doesn't cost more then I can afford.
I still need a place to store everything.
I still need to sell my house.
I still need to buy a new gas heater and air conditioning system for the house in Pensacola - cost: $4000

I am humbled and thankful for the people who stand alongside of me in this process.

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Mary Ann said...

What a day!!! Geesh!