Tuesday, March 26, 2013

In the in-between - new rhythm

I'm attempting to write every day of Holy Week as a spiritual discipline. It's a little odd to be at the end of lent and to not be working at a church for now. I normally would be in a mission trip or planning a Seder meal or a Good Friday retreat but instead - I am packing, resting and spending time with as many people that I can. I love that I've had time to linger over sweet tea or dinner and listen to the stories of so many youth and friends that I love. I wish I had time to connect with every single one of them!

So my Holy Week, so far, is filled with great conversations and the beginning of good bye's.

I wonder if what I feel is even a tenth of the feeling that Christ felt his last week on earth.

Leaving behind people that I love is hard.

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