Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Quite Choice"

Tuesday, October 20th

When I woke up this morning my legs were pretty tight but not sore
from the hike yesterday...oh, but my face is sun burned a bit. Packed
up & ate my amazing Quaker Instant Oatmeal so I could hit the road.
Before I left, I talked with Rolf & Lisa from Dresden, Germany. We
had another great conversation in mixed German/English...I am getting
better at remembering my German!

I decided to drive over to the largest volcano on the coast- by way of
the Fogotten World Highway. Wow. My pics don't even do this highway
justice. It was breathtaking. I even passed through the Republic of
Whangamomona... They separated from New Zealand back in 1989 because
they didn't like decisions that were being made for them. I didn't
get my passport stamped but I could have.

I enjoyed lunch at Sgt. Peppers cafe in the small town of Stratford.
Stratford has New Zealands only Glockenspiel and many things to honor

I drove thru East Egmont to the Plateau which is where I could have
taken a hike on Mt. Taranaki but it was so foggy and rainy that all I
did was get out of the car to take a picture of the sign.

From there I drove over to the coast to enjoy the black beaches on
the Tasman Sea. The weather cleared enough so I could see Mt. Egmont

Drove north back to Auckland- so I can get dinner and then find the
Auckland International YHA. Yummy teriyaki chicken noodle soup from a
small Japanese restaurant. This YHA is a big one - I was able to get
a room in a female 4 share...I did have trouble with parking. I
didn't know that you have to request a parking place when you book the I had to find a place on the street. I found one a couple
streets away- no worries, it's free till 8 am tomorrow and I will be
on my way by 7 to get to the airport.


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