Thursday, October 08, 2009

On the left side of the road.

Wednesday, October 7th

Okay, today has been my favorite so far. I woke before 6 to head out for a run down by the water and found many other people already out walking/running. Imagine me- in a running skirt & green tank top...standing to the side of the path waiting for my Garmin to realize that we are not in Pensacola.

I stand there.

For a looooong time.

While Aussies walk by and mutter to my cheerful Good Morning, "dressed light, aren't we?". I don't think they could figure out why I was just standing there -in low 50 degree weather.

Anyways, I ran. Down the jetty, across two beach fronts, up lots of stairs to an overlook that literally took my breath away. The Pacific ocean - a deep green and turquoise, crashing against rocks, a variety of green trees, the sun rising while the moon is still in the sky.

Oh. The colors and the feelings. Have I mentioned how much I love to see the world we live in - on my feet? Running and hiking - doesn't get much better. (pictures coming at some point)

I took Candis to the overlook after breakfast and as we were heading back up the stairs to the car- we passed a group of women from the local Anglican church at a picnic table that is situated at an overlook. I took about 6 steps up the stairs & told Candis that I was going back. We walked up and explained we were on a holiday and just wanted to ask them some questions. Haha. They were delightful. We only talked for about 10 minutes -they have been mtg together for about 4 years and were connected thru the church. They gave us ideas
of places to visit and recommended that we both move to Port Macquarie.

Then. It was time for me to drive. I hated leaving Port Macquarie but I can now drive on the left side of the road. We continued up the coast to a town called Murwillbah to find a cabin in Mt. Warning National Park. We will be waking early tomorrow to hike to the top
before sunrise.

Ate salt & pepper calamari for lunch in Coffs Harbour.

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Julia said...

Have I said how jealous I am yet :)

I wish I could have been at that morning run.