Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Zealand

Sunday afternoon

Holy flip - this country is GORGEOUS! I have only Been here for 6
hours and I can't tell you how many times I gasped or just laughed out
loud because of the views.

I arrives in Auckland at 3:30 pm and had no trouble getting through
customs. Rented a car and drove 4 hours south to get to the National
Park Village YHA. I am getting a shuttle at 7 am out to the Tongariro
Alpine Crossing- which is supposed to be the best one day hike in New
Zealand! Whoohoo!

There are 6 other girls in the dorm with me and 3 of them are hiking
the crossing as well. The one I have talked to the most is Sarah- a
teacher in England. She has taken an entire year off to travel all
over. What a great story!

Alright- going to bed so I can the Crossing tomorrow!

Oh. I am now 18 hours ahead of Pensacola...I going to bed no at 10:15
pm and it is 4:15 am for most of you!

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