Friday, March 13, 2009

Who do I think I am?

I know the things about me that are despicable.
There are so many.

Why is it that I feel justified to judge another person?
Where do any of us get off?

I was actually told by someone(that I don't know that well) this morning that a guy I like wasn't good enough for me. REALLY?
Who is?
Who am I good enough for?

When it comes down to it...we all have struggles, compulsions, lies, hopes, fears, joys, loves and so much more that are part of who we are.

As someone who does try really hard to understand individuals hearts - I know that I see potential in people even when others don't. I want all people - my students, family, friends, guys I like - to live up to their potential and to live life as huge as possible! And if I can help people get there...then all the better for me. I love that! But that's part of the twisted little game for me...I help you - and somehow I benefit. I am still working through all of that. But I can acknowledge it.

Before you judge the next person with a tattoo or green hair or four kids or a 13 year old or a slow driver - why don't you look at your own heart and try to figure out why that person makes you feel like you have a right to feel superior to them?

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