Monday, December 15, 2008


So I've been on a journey...well, we are all on a journey but... maybe I should call this a "season". HA!

Clean Water.

I want to give more than I have been. I have SO freakin much! But I talk a lot about trying to do more or give more and then I don't really change my actions. It's so easy to just continue to lay on my couch and read books about other people who are changing the world.

I have succumbed to the following, "...the ghettos may have their share of violence and crime, the suburbs are home to more subtle demonic forces - numbness, complacency & comfort..."(Shane Claiborne).

Here's the thing. I am more despicable than I want to be. (Really it's true)

For almost an entire year our church has been serving the homeless on Mondays and Thursdays - they make and serve lunch(and it's a great lunch) and have lately been collecting clothes to give to the men and women. It is amazingly organized and they serve food to more than 100 people on both days.

I have never been before today. Why? Why did I wait so long? I always have too much to do and I am always afraid of things I don't know. So I never went.

But I don't have any more excuses. I want to get to know the people that we serve...I want to serve them. I want to know their names and learn their stories. So I went today.
For an hour - I served hot dogs and soup to men and women. I met Joseph and Wendell and listened to Wendell recite about 10 poems that he has written at different points in his life.

Finally. I am tired of just talking.
I am ready to serve.
To be salty.

I was proposed to as well - and told that Walmart will be having a sale soon on men that are available. Funny!

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