Thursday, October 30, 2008

Motherless Babies Home...

Well, today we were going to work and play. First we planned on going by the Red Cross Motherless Babies Home to see what we could do there in April and then we were going to go to the lake with Richee and his friend Sylvester. It's about 45 minutes away from where Mary Ann lives and she really wanted to share this place with me. So we had the guys meet us at 10:00 a.m. to head out...and as we got in the car, Mare warned them them that the car isn't working well(see last nights info about that) - and that if it gave us too much trouble heading to the orphanage then we wouldn't go to the lake.
We made it to the Motherless Babies home and got out and were completely not sure where to go. Right away I knew that my group could just spend time cleaning up the grounds or removing trash or ANYTHING and it could be helpful. This is a non-profit organization and it completely depends on volunteers...we finally made our way to C who was willing to talk to us about the children at the home. And once she figured out that we were connected to Fyne...then she was very helpful!

Have to end here...but will continue in the morning.
Okay, the generator ran out of fuel last night so we had to shut everything down...
Basically, the Red Cross Motherless Children's home has huge needs and the absolute heartbreaking thing is that it will take so little from some of us to help fill some of their needs. Like they say on every commercial for places like this - only $20 or $30 a month can feed and care for a child! It's crazy true.
I have a few things that this orphanage can use that I want us to try to take care of...I will list them in separate post.
After C gave us a tour of the whole facility we played with the babies but not for very long and then we went to buy them peanuts and biscuits(crackers) across the street.
We never went to the lake - the car is not in good shape so we decided not to risk it if we didn't have to and we are still going to have to use the car to get me to the airport.
Mare and I got some more shawarma's at Crunchies and spent the afternoon entertaining some of her male admirers. They stop by quite often. It's actually pretty rediculous...some of them do just want to be friends but so many would love to marry an american woman! They really do believe that America has all the answers...they have bought everything that Hollywood is selling. What was pretty amazing is that two of the guys(the ones that went to the orphanage with us) - actually listened to us when we explained that hollywood is not how most of America really is. Mare has told that to soooo many people already but most don't believe her. So I think it is helpful to have two of us here - to give different examples. I told them how I hiked the entire Appalachian Trail and they just couldn't understand why someone would do that...but it made them realize that we don't all sit around with food at our feet all the time. It was a fascinating conversation...
In the evening, we ate fried yams and plantains - split the last of the smores that I brought(just the marshmellow, chocolate and graham cracker - not over a fire)...and watched another movie together before the power and generator went out.

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