Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nigerian Mission Experience

For the past week I have spent a lot of time looking up information about taking a small group on a short term missions trips. I have never put together a trip(never mind a missions trip) for my students that wasn't organized by a ministry in some way. This is going to be an adventure...

It has already taken my breath away and I have only had permission to do it for a little over a week!

I am hoping to take 7 of my 11th-12th grade students to Owerri, Nigeria in April of 2009. We will connect with Mary Ann who is serving in Owerri for about 11 months. We have to raise about $3000 per person to just get to Owerri for the week. But once we get there - look out!

The amount of ways that we will be able to serve is innumerable. We will be able to hold orphans at the Motherless Babies Home, we might be able to lead a VBS or just hang out and play with children in the streets and if we are able to raise $10,063 - then we will be digging a well!!!

We will be part of bringing clean water to a community that does not have easy access to water. Mary Ann lives in a building with internet and she has to carry buckets of water in to just flush the toilet!

I just read a blog from a church that did a mission trip this past April. They brought books and worked on building up a library in Owerri. In the blog they mention a desire to help build a playground for the Nigerian Red Cross Orphanage called the Motherless Babies Home.

Okay Father, what are you stirring up in me? I ask right now that you help me hear your voice as I try to figure out what I am supposed to do to worship You through this experience. How do I help this community and these children know Your touch. Help me to hear because I want to "do" so much. Be with Mary Ann right now as she is surrounded by so much need and feels like she isn't "doing" very much. Help all of us that know her story and get to know the children's stories open our hearts to bring You to them. Through water, laughter, touch and whatever else You provide for them.

Could we raise money for a playground? Why not?

I am actually going to go to Owerri in either October or November of this year to scout out the area but I also want to be able to serve as much as possible while I am there. I have two friends that are praying about going with me and if they do - could we start the playground?

As I mentioned before - this trip has already taken my breath away. We already have $4000 for a well. And there are members of my church that are going to try to sponsor some of the students going on the trip in the Spring. There is such an excitement and a feeling of possibility surrounding this little mission experience.

And I.
I am just along for the ride.

Please be in prayer for me and for the members of this trip. They haven't been selected yet - so we don't know who it is going to be and won't for another month!

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Mike Greenberg said...

wow! very cool and ambitious. You Go!
I'm going on my first trip to Uganda in 5 weeks, a little nervous.
If you need any tips these guys do a great job.