Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Movie Nights with friends...

I have a new tradition that happens everyone Thursday night at my house. For the past 2 1/2 years I have had friends over to watch movies and make dinner together.
We pick the movie based on what kind of food we want to make OR pick the food based on the movie we want to watch. As in, if we want to watch Yentl, then we would make Jewish foods(no one has requested that movie by the way - even though it is one of my favorites - sigh.)

My friend Stacy loves to cook and so we talked about doing this a couple of years ago and it has become one of my favorite things to do with people.
The food is fantastic. And the movies have been great!
Recently we have watched:
The Believer
Danny Deckchair
Eagle vs. Shark
Like water for chocolate
The Secret Life of Words
The science of Sleep
Saint Ralph
Paper Clips

And more. We make the food together, we laugh, we talk, we drink, we eat and then we watch a movie. Life is good.
Tomorrow night? We are making pizza's and watching Rocket Science.

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