Thursday, December 06, 2007

breathing deeply

I ran this afternoon with Denise. She started running about a year and four months ago - has completely followed the Jeff Galloway interval training program and ran 3 half marathons this past year with me and is now training to run her first full marathon in February. I say all of that to tell you that she ran her first 20 miles this past week. And she is doing fantastic. It's kind of humbling and irritating simultaneously. So she ran 6 miles on Tuesday and wanted to do about 4 miles with me to day.
Well, it was not my best run - we ran 2/1's (2 minutes running, 1 minute walking) at about a 11 minute pace. Which is about what I would run right now if I were doing a race. But I made it and I LOVE how my body feels right now. I am tired. A bit drained and it's amazing! I wish I could explain it better but if you've been there then you know what I mean.
I am 2 weeks away from my surgery and I am determined to feel this a couple more times before that day.

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gavin richardson said...

good for you all. my wife has run a few half marathons and a full marathon. she still will do the jeff galloway training to just keep in shape, though i don't know if she has any races in the future in her midst. maybe the country music marathon here in town.