Friday, November 16, 2007

YS Day one

We had two assignments for Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry(the class I'm taking with Dave Rahn at Huntington University) today. One was to go through the YS Exhibit hall to pick one exhibit display/table that...if Jesus walked into the hall, which table would he "turn over". It was interesting to walk up and down the rows and rows of displays and look at each one through that lens. Before I even got to the hall, I joked that Interlinc would win that honor. Just in case you don't know - I worked for Interlinc for about 1 1/2 years so I know our purpose of all the flash. But the table that probably bothered me the most was the Asbury booth with all the violent gaming.
2nd assignment - was to try to talk to someone at one of the booths to ask them to explain if and what theological concepts drive their exhibit. I talked to one of the workers at UthStuph - their exhibit had a HUGE red balloon over the exhibit and all of the workers were dressed like a pit crew and they had a tricycle race that youth workers can experience. IF they so choose. I asked her what the theological concept is for their display and she just started laughing and said, "ummm, I don't think we have any purpose". But Youth Workers were having fun racing. So they may not have a purpose but they are fun.

I believe there are about 5500 people at YS Atlanta...this is the 3rd time I've been to YS in Atlanta - which means that I've been around for awhile. Nice.
My favorite part about YS is that they constantly remind us to take care of ourselves while we are here. I didn't actually believe them when I first started to come to YS but I do now! I used to try to go to EVERYTHING! But these days - I skip lots. And talk to friends. And be still.
Andy Stanley was good - but basic. But good.
Shane Claiborne - I skipped. One of my friends called me a lightweight because I was so tired this evening after 2 days of classes...but I decided to buy the MP3 and head to Anne's to relax.
I can't wait to hear Phyllis Tickle tomorrow morning though. I heard her a year ago when she spoke in Atlanta with Anne Lamott...she was incredible! She basically brought it. So hopefully she will tomorrow.
My prayer for myself and my friends, shoot all of us, this weekend is to truly stay open to the matter what. I am tired but I am also excited to be here.

Update(12/06/07): I regret missing Shane Claiborne. Even though I can listen to what he said - it will never compare to the experience of hearing him read Matthew 5 and 6 and then walking off the stage. Everyone was talking about it the next day.

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gavin richardson said...

those are some great assignments. haha! love it!

i've been calling the cesspool of youth ministry consumerism. talking to mark yaconelli today, he framed it much more gracefully. "there is a lot of good stuff in there. you just need to discern what good stuff you God wants you to take home." or something like that.