Thursday, November 15, 2007


I am staying with my friend Stacy in Atlanta and she lives pretty close to little 5 points. Which is a great location when you have to be at the Omni/CNN building at 8:00 a.m. She made homemade chicken wings and 7 layer dip for dinner and as she, Ben and I were eating. She casually mentioned that I should take the shuttle downtown cause it will be easier then finding a parking spot. I smiled at her and nodded my head as I thought, "Yeah right". She takes the Marta to school every day from here and so for me to not even consider taking it is a foreign concept to her. So now armed 2 one way tickets that she had left over, my very own map of Atlanta and directions to and from both Marta stations - I have to make a decision by the time I leave tomorrow about this.
What do I do? What is it about me that I would rather leave earlier and struggle to find a parking spot? Interesting. Is it that I like the freedom of driving? Or that Marta is an unknown? What if I get on the wrong shuttle and end up in Taiwan? That would suck. I've ridden on it before - so I don't think I am afraid of actually riding it. I really think that I don't want to not have my car. What if I got a chance to drive somewhere...then what would I do!
I'll be in class all day tomorrow from 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. and then I guess I am heading over to Anne's for the rest of my time here. Wonder if I could take the Marta from her area of town...

Update (12/06/07) - I didn't take the MARTA that morning. I am too much of a control freak. I wanted to drive to the building and park in my parking lot(the one I got to know while attending Q) and walk to the Omni/CNN Building.

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