Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Most people I know don't handle change well. We like our routine - it's the best way to keep up with our keys!!!! I wonder what it is in each one of us that resists change to the degree that we do. My students LOVE to repeat things - all year long many of them talk about an event or situation over and over until we do it again. I have learned to repeat events - in similar locations or with a similar purpose because then more of them come back and bring friends.

I am a nut about routine. I routinely make the same meals, go to the same physical activities, have the same group of people over every Thursday night to watch movies and eat and if some of these things don't happen...then I am not quite sure what day it is.

The funny thing about me is - that I do get bored with the same workouts all the time so I am always looking for something new to do - I tried yoga last week. A little hard with one foot still healing but it was a great, relaxing experience...and my meals will change about every couple of months...these past couple of months have consisted of the big bag of corkscrew noodles(the bag is from Sam's), spinach, mushrooms, chicken or shrimp and topped with parmesan...YUM! But before that it was rice noodles with sauteed chicken/mushrooms/peppers and broccolli.

AND I could travel anywhere at any time. Well, except when I have been doing too much.

I just got a call from a guy that works for Q. Q is a conference for church leaders that started this past year in Atlanta. I went by myself this past year and enjoyed the overall experience but struggled with it's purpose a bit. I will share more of that later. He was asking me for feedback about the conference and in particular wanted to know more about my youth group and if anything that I learned or took away from Q and are there any individual youth that have been impacted by my going to Q.

He then reread a statement that I wrote at Q about my youth group - and I wish I had a copy of it because it paints such a beautiful picture of the students that I work with and the opportunity that I have by living alongside of them. He(notice I don't even know his name) said that he and other Q workers were intrigued by my statement and want to more about this ministry in Pensacola, FL.

I've had a bad day. But right now I am thankful.

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