Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Mouse up my pant leg

One of the girls that I work with asked me today, how do all the absurd things happen to me. I don't think they ALL happen to me - I just don't mind telling people about them.


~When seven girls threw Mt Dew on me when I was in Rutledge, VT during my AT thru hike

~I've had someone else's poo on my pants. Now that's a funny and disgusting story.

~A hole in my pants - while I was leading worship for a Sunday Evening service.

~Last Thursday a mouse jumped out of my large desk drawer and proceeded to scramble up my right pant leg. Now I don't make a lot of noise when I am really, really afraid(just in case you needed to know that) - so I inhaled sharply and then shook my leg with quick short jerks. I didn't know what was actually in my pants at that point, so I just wanted whatever it was - OUT. Then the littlest mouse sprang from my lower leg and ran so fast to hide behind my desk. I think I held my breath for about 37 seconds and then tried to stand up. Then sat back down and closed my eyes. These are those moments that others really should see because there is no way to explain them well. After I gathered everything I would need to keep working for a couple more hours, all the while reminding myself to breathe, I walked slowly but very purposefully across the street to tell someone that there were still mice in my office and I wasn't going to work there for the rest of the day. When I walked into the main office, I started laughing and doing my laugh walk, which means that I take a couple of steps and then double over and stumble forward(I think makes me look like I'm drunk)...then I told the people that were around my little story.

Mice. I don't want to kill them. But I don't want them in my office either. What do I do? I hate this!

~By the way, I completely flashed one of my co - workers today when I had trouble locking the bathroom door at Moe's. FUNNY! And lucky it wasn't someone I didn't know. Not for me but for them...
Blessings to you!

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