Thursday, May 17, 2007

The stronger the coffee...

I have started a new adventure - riding a bike(partly because of problems with my feet, which I will explain more later). I grew up riding my bike everywhere...especially when we lived in Germany - my best friend Bettina and I went all over town on our bikes. I remember feeling like I could go anywhere - and then I learned how to drive. I owned a bike till about 2001 when it was stolen out of my bought a bike about 2 months ago. It's a diamondback hybrid and I love it. Oh, and I have learned that it's not just riding a bike - if you do it as a sport it's called cycling [shrug] - did 42 miles a couple of weeks ago. And my roommate took me out mtn biking on the trails at UWF last Thursday - she was incredibly patient with me. I walked down a lot of the 3 foot slopes...yeah - I am still afraid of falling.

I read an article this evening that a friend of mine found by Quinn Fox at Why do so many of us in ministry feel like we need to cater to "wants"? I love the idea that Fox presents about setting the bar higher in our ministries and churches...using liturgy and terminology and experiences that don't always make sense to the person coming in off the street. Shoot, maybe not even to the people that have been going to church their whole lives! I love that we can have mystery in our experience together as a body of Christ. So many churches have eliminated anything that is confusing so that noone feels uncomfortable. Who decided that Christ needs to be comfortable?

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