Saturday, November 18, 2006

good food...for me...

I spoke at a local christian school on Wednesday, before the tornadoes that closed the school early, before my Wednesday ministries, before I finished packing, before the church's entire internet network shut down for 3 days.
Anyways, I was asked to come and share with a class about how I ended up in the job that I am in...especially since I am in Youth ministry. I wrote out a couple things that I could talk about before I got there because she said that the class really doesn't respond too much to people that speak and they probably wouldn't answer questions if I asked them. So can I say - that I was really, really looking forward to this opportunity(please note the sarcasm).
I decided to tell different parts of my story - and to help them all realize that they have a story - they talked, answered questions, and at least weren't too bored. hahaha. And I loved it. I love students. I love sharing my story.
I am at Youth Specialties national youth workers convention in Cincinnati - which I have mixed feelings about coming to, since I went to soooo many when I worked for Interlinc. Well, so far it has been good. I have slept a lot, listened a lot, learned some, gone running a couple of times and seen many great friends...and right now am listening to Ohio State and Michigan fans cheer on the game...oh, and I enjoyed learning from Donald Miller last night.
On Wednesday before I wrote out my outline to speak to the class - I found my last journal entry from this past February.
I always journal.
Until February.
I was on my home from skiing in CO with friends and it had been a week since my family found out that dad had Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. I had a hard time writing that journal because I like to have conclusions...and I didn't have Wednesday, I read my entry and realized that I have shut down something in me...I don't really know what and I don't know if I can get it back right now...but I haven't really blogged on here as much recently - so I am going to write again. Get my thoughts on paper - or online or on Microsoft word.
I have always found healing when I pray in written word or work out my struggles/questions/hopes on paper...
I went to the worship/prayer room yesterday and left a few things at God's feet.
So now.
I am praying that you fill me Father.
And that you hold my dad.
And I am flippin excited to get to go home in 2 days for Thanksgiving.
I am thankful.
for life.
for hope.
for family.
for my Jesus.
for friends.
for opportunities to live Christ in the world
and for forgiveness when I don't.

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