Sunday, September 24, 2006

30 Hour Famine...from myspace

Aahhhhhh...I've been eating since 12...the famine ended at 12 and now I can't stop eating. Funny how it works that way.

This is the second time this year - the youth group has done the fast and I have to tell you - I am constantly amazed at how much it impacts me. I was cranky, tired, hungry, irritated and any other annoying thing you can be when I left the church last night, after 12 hours of activities and I know the day was good but I was thinking "why do I do this?"

Have any of you seen the absolutely AMAZING commercial about an insurance company recently? The one that shows different people witnessing another person doing an act of kindness to another so that they pay attention and do something for someone else and that means someone else does something for another...I LOVE it. And then it's an insurance company commercial.

I want to wake up every morning and loved that I am. Not in the - Oh yea, God loves me. But in the, Oh my freakin goodness, my life is flip turned upside down because God chooses to love me. Me.

Anyways, back to the famine - if you haven't done it, do it( if you work with students - it will change their lives and yours and you get to raise money to help prevent hunger. Hunger is 100% preventable. 100%. Our goal this year - to raise $2000 dollars for World Vision...which we had by 9:45 am this morning. Pretty amazing huh. AND then, and then we found out - that someone was so impacted by the students testimonies about the famine and our experience on feeding homeless while hungry and our prayer walks...that one family donated $6000. 22 children in Africa will get to eat because me and 28 others didn't eat this weekend.

Jesus, increase in me so that I decrease.

Every day.

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