Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ssssspppppiinnnninnnggg...from myspace

What is it about life. I think that I have a hold on what is going on and then I have no idea. And it happens just like that.

Have you ever wandered through a store for more than one hour...aimlessly? You know you have a point for being there but you can't really remember what it is - and you have a list of what you need but you can't really focus on what the words are saying...

I have asked many of you to pray for me because I know I have got to stop. And create space in my life for me. But what does that look like? I love what I do. I love that I get to walk with youth as they hope, struggle, challenge, and believe that God loves them. And that they can just because Jesus lived. Died. And lived again. I love that this youth group is trying to embrace anyone who walks through our doors. And that I get to see it happen.

I have such a yearning to live life big, to dream big and I am struggling that I am not living as big as I could be. I am trying to listen. Trying to understand, but maybe I should just quit trying. At what point in life do we just accept that - this is it. Or is there always going to be a struggle? I mean, I just got to go hiking in VA with 30 of my youth last week - well, if you ask me what I want to be doing(selfishly) it has something do with being near the mountains. But I got to go up there as part of my job last week! Hmmm...

Now I feel like I should find a scripture or some positive to wrap this lovely blog up - but I'm not going to.

Just be.

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