Saturday, November 09, 2013

Savor. 551-600

551. An afternoon with Mary Arthur in Nashville. 
552. Finding a masseuse at Massage Envy who helps me be ready for the marathon.
553. My community. All of my friends who cheered me on through text, fb and in person during my 20 mile training run.
554. Falling asleep on the couch with Nathan while waiting for Brenda's flight to get here.
555. Life changing conversations with Brenda.
556. House sitting with Toly and Yana.
557. Long conversations about life and faith and brokenness with Yana.
558. Building a little trust with both of them.
559. The invitation to sing at the church for the first time.
560. Learning a new song in two days.
561. The congregations sweet response when they realize that I can sing.
562. Driving down I-65 with Brenda & Ingrid with Mumford and Sons playing loudly.
563. Rereading "Love Does" by Bob Goff.
564. Giving Susie my copy of "Love Does". 
565. Celebrating Susie's birthday in a small way by decorating her hotel room in gator colors.
566. The gift of a free flight to Pensacola with Gene.
567. Feeling I was coming home when we got to Pensacola.
568. Trying to see many of the people I love while in town.
569. But also giving myself permission to not see everyone so I could rest well.
570. Meeting Clay and having a new friend in ministry with him.
571. Getting to share what I love about all of the amazing youth he works with. 
572. Meeting Lisa's new boyfriend.
573. Candis was in Pensacola at the same time I am!
574. Meeting Heidi and Denise to run at Bagelheads on Wednesday morning.
575. Laughter with them. 
576. The fact that they mocked me for forgetting my running shorts  and I wore a skort instead. And they though I was just wearing a khaki skirt and no underwear. Ha.
577. Play and laughter with Cora. And Stacy and Ben. 
578. Pedicures, songs,friends and good food in honor of Susie.
579. The fresh, cool breeze when I got off of the plane in Nashville. 
580. Getting back to Nashville in time to spend a couple hours with Nathan before he went on a retreat for the weekend. 
581. Meeting Becky and Emily E. to run twelve miles on the greenway.
582. Experiencing Shari's Run - one of Lebanon local 5k's with church members.
583. Gorgeous weather to run in. 
584. Freedom to leave work early to get my haircut.
585. Catching up with Merrill.
586. Spending an evening exploring live music on Broadway with Nathan.
587. Stories about our families and experiences that shape us into who we are right now.
588. Inviting middle schoolers to be open to a life of faith filled with adventure at Winfree Bryant Middle School FCA.
589. Spontaneous photo of all the middle schoolers from the stage.
590. Short nap on the middle of the afternoon.
591. Listening to suicide survivors tell their stories at the "Never Alone" rally.
592. Being asked to do the opening prayer at the rally.
593. Getting to take care of Nathan after he injured his knees at Ultimate frisbee.
594. A weekend in Black Mountain, NC.
595. Having sweet and wise friends to sit with when my world is turned upside down.
596. The risk of opening my heart to someone else.
597. Bubbles in the mountains.
598. Roasted broccoli with parm and lemon.
599. Local Carolina brews.
600. Friends who are family.

"Be still and know that I am God." Psalm 46:10

Photo by Susie Schmidt at the Knob.

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