Friday, October 04, 2013


501. That I took the risk to meet meet Nathan. 
502. Free haircuts & color from Merrill. Technically not "free" because I'm housesitting for her but I like this trade!!
503. Finding a spot in Percy Warner Park to hang my hammock. 
504. Beautiful, cool weather at the beginning of August - so I'd want to hang out in my hammock.
505. Heading out to the McIntyre Farm for the first time.  They have turned their farm into a beautiful Bed and Breakfast... Cascade Hollow Lodge. 
506. Meeting Dave and Patty McIntyre.
507. Setting out my running gear to run 12-14 miles the next morning even though I was in a new place.
508. Actually getting up to run at 6:00 am.
509. Running 14 miles in Normandy, TN. Which means I'm following through with my marathon training. 
510. Yummy breakfast that Patty made for us!
511. Kayaking in the rain.
512. Experiencing life in a small community. 
513. Yummy barbecue and live music at River Cafe, Normandy, TN.
514. Hearing about Nikki Mitchell's story - the original owner of River Cafe before she died this past spring of cancer.
515. That I'm invited to come to Cascade Hollow Lodge anytime for Sabbath.
516. Enjoyed the last Sunday night of the summer out at the Broadway Brewhouse.
517. Matt and Kim live at Live on the Green.
518. Living in a place with so much great live music all the time!
519. Napping & reading and cuddling with Panda & Bear. 
520. Laughing so hard with Matt after we almost fell off the picnic table and pulled it on top of us.
521. Running 16 miles and sharing stories with Emily Edmonson.
522. Celebrating that Emily ran her farthest mileage ever!!!!
523. That Nathan is willing to hang out with me after my long runs even though I have no energy for much.
524. First annual Eggstravaganza at Lebanon FUMC!
525. Standing in a circle sharing prayer requests as the sun starts to go down and we are all covered in egg.
526. Leaving the house key for Dave & Merrill's house at the church. 
527. Locking my car key in my car when I get to their house.
528. Standing outside covered in egg wondering which neighbor had their key.
529. Being able to laugh about the entire situation.
530. My shower when I finally got inside after 1 1/2 hours.
531. Remembering Lee and praying for Shannon, Lila & Luke.
532. Open windows and doors in August. Love this.
533. Shorter long mile days. 
534. Being surrounded by friends from Pensacola and Lebanon For RUNMS:TEAM JULIA.
535. Realizing again & again that I belong to such a beautiful community!
536. Having friends from my own youth group join TEAM JULIA.
537. The Wilson County Fair.
538. Just how excited everyone at the church is for me to experience the Fair.
539. Eating corn on the cob dipped in butter.  Fair food!
540. Got to experience Cascade Hollow B & B with both Ingrid and Abe.
541. The gift of being with friends and eating yummy food!
542. Having Emily & Becky meet me at mile 5 to run their 7 miles.
543. The silence of running before 6:00 am on the greenway by myself.
544. Finishing up my 18 mile run even though the last mile was incredibly hard and hot!
545. Being asked to share my experience with Niki G's.
546. Sharing about my Appalachian Trail hike at Walter J Baid Middle School FCA!
547. Another day on the boat with the Glissons and Heather Graviss.
548. Looking and pictures and remembering the end of the AT hike TEN years ago!!
549. Having space to rest over Labor Day weekend at Michelle's house - house sitting.
550. Summer Beer and home made calzones

"Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all." - William Faulkner

Normandy, TN August 2013 

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