Thursday, May 09, 2013


151. Kale salads with black bean burgers
152. Time to watch "Life of Pi"
153. Running in the rain with a new Galloway group
154. Running and boot camp
155. Muscle fatigue
156. The youth and some adults praying & laying on hands on me at both Sunday services
157. Falling in love with these youth
158. Hearing hard stories and getting to walk with them
159. Long Sundays at church - but lots of moments of real relationships
160. 40 degree weather in May
161. Eating "cleaner" but still eating fig newtons
162. The sky tonight 
163. Clean laundry and the freedom to wash clothes as needed
164. Bev's Chili
165. Phone calls from Stacy, Anne and Sandi all in one day
166. Exploring Mt. Juliet
166. Finding Tater Peeler Road in Lebanon
167. Celebrating the graduates in Pensacola
168. Coffee because of a Kurig
169. Patty & Lisa taking care of mundane things because its their job to make my job easier
170. Pam's love of Our church and her stories about her "angels"
171. Speaking at the church council
172. My first night leading UMYF
173. That they call it UMYF
174. Going to 4 concerts and a soccer game in two nights
175. Driving around town with my windows down and just enjoying the long drive
176. Getting to know FUMC parents better
177. Being given a sweatshirt to cover my head at the soccer game when it rained a bit
178. Staff meetings - though long - that are about caring for people
179. My email finally working
180. Clean towels
181. Bev's porch for sabbath
182. Running by myself
183. Free birthday burgers from Red Robin
184. Reading a book that I don't want to put down
185. Slowly walking up two flights of stairs after boot camp
186. The beautiful clouds this morning
187. Getting a text prayer request from a youth
188. The smell of a new coconut shampoo.
189. Lectio Devina with Pulse
190. Hearing the variety of take aways from the Acts 16 passage
191. Celery and smuckers natural peanut butter
192. A new laptop to use
193. Team ministry
194. Remembering favorite songs & tv shows from childhood
195. Laughter with youth about these memories
196. Have I mentioned the Sonic across the street from the church
197. Realizing that I'm one of the fastest runners at boot camp - how'd that happen?
198. Scott McKnight calling to catch up
199. Trusting God with hard situations
200. The Voice Bible & getting to ask my youth to give the publishing company feedback about it

 "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." ~Thornton Wilder

    Alaska: Near Girdwood on my snow mobiling trip

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