Friday, April 26, 2013

Savorings... 51-100

51. Watching the fog lift out of the valley
52. Long phone calls
53. Reuniting with good friends
54. An 8 mile run after a month of inconsistent running
55. Hard conversations
56. Visiting my best friends church
57. Listening to the FUMC youth & adults share their experiences in Eleuthera
58. Long naps on a Sunday afternoon
59. Thank you letters that are 2 pages and typed
60. Dinners on the back porch
61. Playing on the swings with Cora
62. Time to linger at meals
63. Crosses made from refurbished wood
64. Remembering & telling stories
65. Walking with Kylie & Heidi
66. Hugs
67. Being called Sacagawea
68. Praying with and for Clint and Hugo
69. Theology Pub Club - gonna miss that community
70. Phone calls with good friends
71. Wednesday morning run and Bagelheads for 7 years
72. Lisa Bond and her expressions
73. Wine & dinner on a back porch swing
74. Cactus Flower's guacamole
75. Miss Betty
76. Seeing the volunteers & staff at FUMC on Wednesdays
77. Dinner with Stacy and Ben
78. Pedicure & Chardonnay's with Susie
79. Tim being willing to go on adventure with me
80. Taking Tim to Blue Lake
81. Hiking on the Conecuh Trail
82. Picnic
83. Haikus
84. Memories of writing on the wall with Ruby at Pinewood
85. Lambeth Chapel
86. Sleeping in on Fridays
87. Tree Tunnel on 12th Avenue
88. No humidity on the beach
89. The color of Blue Lake was sooo blue!!
90. Playing with Robby McKnight
91. Listening to classical guitar music
92. Dreaming about going to Iceland
93. Reading Lorene's blog
94. My journey cd's
95. Catching an afternoon movie with Lisa
96. I might have a roommate in Lebanon
97. Sitting in the hospital with friends
98. Airheads
99. Being asked to write a blog for 30 Hour Famine
100. Actually writing the blog

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