Saturday, December 12, 2009

Advent. Waiting. Hope.

One thing about life that I love AND struggle with is waiting.

Not knowing what is coming. Just as soon as I decide I know how something is going to turn changes. Right?

Advent is a time of waiting.

I remember one time when I was about 6 years old while laying in bed in my grandma's home, I could smell the stale smell of being in a room that isn't used much any more blended with pine, soap and pecan pie. I was listening and trying so hard to keep my eyes open as I stared out the window. I just KNEW that I was going to see Santa and his sleigh that night. I just knew it. So...I actually heard bells ring that night and am pretty sure that I saw the bottom of the sleigh pass by the window. I was soooo excited that night! I mean, I heard and saw Santa! I still remember feeling like I was the luckiest girl alive that night...

Waiting for our King to be born. Waiting for Christmas morning. Waiting for people to really get it.

I spend a lot of time hoping. Hoping that my students will see how amazing it is to follow a God that wants to know each one of us individually. That as we struggle through life - we are not alone!

Do we still wait for God to move in our lives? Or have we given up on him and are just going to do it our way? Are we trying so hard to keep our eyes open to be the ones to catch Him in action as He steps out of heaven as a baby or a friend or a bring hope into our lives?

What are you really waiting for?

My prayer is that we really do wait. With Expectation. Start listening. Looking out your windows. Watch.

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