Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slowing down...

I got to the south island yesterday with a basic idea of what I hoped
to see and hike over the next 7 days. I even left Arthur's Pass this
morning ready to drive long today...

But I know that I really don't want to that. As much as I would like
to see the fiordlands or thruhike one of New Zealands great walks or
see the glaciers or... The list could go on.

I stopped at 2:00 pm this afternoon in the village where the Franz
Koseph Glacier is. I have never hiked on a glacier before - so that
is what I am going to do. They will outfit me for a full day hike on
and through the glaciers tomorrow... I am flipping stoked.

Staying a couple nights in the Franz Josef YHA- 5 girls sharing one
room. Haven't met them yet.

So after i organized all that i drove over to the Fox Glacier Village
for an amazing late lunch- lamb burger with home made French fries(I
have eaten peanut butter and jam for my last three meals). Yum.

I'm about to hike around Lake Matheson which should take around an 1
1/2 hours. It's sunny where I am but there are clouds over both Mt
Cook and Mt I don't know what kind of views I will have.

I will head a little further south on Saturday for a two day hike near
Mt Aspiring and then I am heading back to Christchurch. No great
walks or fiordlands this time.

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