Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain & laundry...

Sunday, October 11

I woke up early and ran about 5 miles to the beach and back. Byron Bay is very much a tourist community with lots of typical shops & restaurants all over the town center AND this place is crowded. There are people everywhere!

Which is sad to me cause it seems kind if trashy because of all the tourists...but the beach & lighthouse are still beautiful.

We went up to the lighthouse after packing up the car. We walked up the last part to the lighthouse and we were surrounded by a contrast of views. The whole time I am trying so hard to stay in the moment as well as to suck in every view that I see. Again the contrast of rocks and beach and mountains and ocean... It's good. And today the sky is cloudy so it adds an anger to the beauty.

Breakfast was at a restaurant called Whynot. Mmmmmmm.... Great but simple. An egg, bacon, spinach, aioli on a roll. They also had the best wireless connection that I have used yet. So I was able to book my hike on the New Zealands northern island. Yea!!!! I will be over
there for about 8 days. Very excited!!

We started to Nimbin around 11:30 am bccause we walked through some of the stores in Byron Bay. As we walked through the stores in Nimbin, we quickly realized that they all had something to do with marijuana.

I guess you can actually smoke pot on the streets even though it is illegal in Australia. We went through the Nimbin museum- turns out that Nimbin had its own version of Woodstock in 1973 called Aquarius. And they havent really stopped celebrating or protesting since. Most of the buildings were painted in unique ways.

Then we saw a laundrymat. Sooo...we spent the next 2 hours doing laundry. It was a need at this point for me...I was out of all of me clean clothes. So yea for clean clothing again!

We had planned to get a late lunch in Nimbin but it started raining. Pouring actually- which is good for the Aussies because much of this country has been in a drought for awhile. But rain is not what we want to explore in. So we left and continued our journey south to a small town called Tenterfield. A lot of restaurants and stores close on Sundays- especially in smaller town- so it's harder to find a place to eat. But we found a good ole McDonalds on our way to Tenterfield.

I can't believe I actually ate at a McDonalds in Australia. Haha.

Candis & AJ are hanging out with a lively group of men at the pub next door. I needed a night on my own so I drove around and spent most of the night catching up on my journalling. It's almost 10 pm here and 6 am in Pensacola- thinking and praying for you all this morning!

OH! and we saw our first wild kangaroo on the side of the road today.
Just hangin out. So cool!

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